Tree Mulching

Example of mulching around young tree
Mulching within a raised bed

Tree Mulching Services

A layer of woodchip mulch materials are placed over the soil surface to maintain moisture and improve soil conditions. Mulching is one of the most beneficial acts for the health of a tree. However, improper mulching materials and practices may have little or even negative, impact on the trees. Mulching around also provides a buffer from heat or cold temperatures, it keeps out weeds, prevents soil compaction and provides an attractive area around the tree.

Mulching your organic waste

At Branching Out Treecare, we can turn your tree waste into valuable nutrients through mulching. Mulching can then be used to replenish your garden’s soil, helping your garden to prosper.

With our specialist equipment, we can take the cuttings from trees and hedges and turn them into mulch. Most gardeners know about the benefits of using mulch, mainly to cover the top soil, keeping moisture in and slowing down weed growth.

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