Tree Planting

Tree Planting Showcase for Branching Out Tree Care
Tree Planting in an urban environment

Tree Planting Services

Branching out tree care have the tree planting expertise and knowledge to ensure long-term survival and fast growth. Our certified arborists will evaluate the landscape, drainage, climate and exposure to help you choose tree species that will thrive in the landscape & soil conditions. Using trees from local nurseries we seek out the most suitable to achieve your tree planting goals.

Tree Planting & Site Clearance

We can provide specialised stump grinding and site clearance services to ensure the area clear of all tree stumps, ground cover, debris, etc..

Stump grinding is a process that accurately and with high precision grinds the remaining tree stump below the soil level with little or no damage to surrounding trees, plants and landscaping. We can work near walls, foundation of houses, and underground service without causing any problem

Tree Plant Mulching

We also provide high-quality tree mulch to help insulate the soil and provide a buffer from heat or cold temperatures. Mulching helps to retain water in the ground to keep the roots moist, it keeps out weeds, prevents soil compaction and provides an attractive area around the tree.

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Branching Out Tree Care have been serving the Irish market for over 15 years, we are an Irish based professional Arboricultural company and specialise in all aspects of Tree work.