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Tree Pruning Services

We provide many different services for pruning trees for optimal results; it depends on the work required for the individual tree. We provide our Tree Pruning service nationwide, contact us anytime for further information.

Crown lifting/raising

Crown lifting & raising involves the removal of lower branches with the result being to lift the height of the base of the tree crown. Crown lifting should not typically include the lifting of large branches growing directly from the trunk of the tree as this leaves large wounds that can cause infection and possible decay to the tree. Crown lifting on older, more mature tree should be avoided by where necessary restricted to secondary branches or shorting of primary branches. Crown lifting is an effective method of increasing light to the whole tree.

Crown reduction

Crown reduction is the reduction in height or the spread of the crown. The amount of height reduction required in the crown of trees can vary; the recommended average is rough 15/20% of the crown canopy & it is necessary that all pruning cuts are cut back to growth points. To reduce a tree too much can cause the tree to go into shock and this can be detrimental to trees.

It is important to remember that the new growth is secondary growth and isn’t as robust as the first growth. Some trees are more susceptible to this (poplar tree, eucalyptus tree) You should get 2/4 years from a professional crown reduction depending on the tree. Some trees can withstand a little more. We work in strict accordance with Quality Standards BS3998 when reducing trees.

Formative pruning

The purpose of formative pruning is to assist and train young trees to develop into a stronger well-shaped tree. While many trees natural form their adult shape as they grow, some need a little assistance to create a clear trunk and a well-spaced canopy of branches.

Formative pruning of particular branches can significantly improve the structure and health of the tree as it ensures sound branch attachment and a balanced crown formation. An arborist has the knowledge to provide to the proper formative pruning to a tree so that it grow correctly and will minimise the need for major limb removal.

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