Tree Surveys & Assessments

Assessment of storm damaged tree
Tree survey and tree assessments carried out by qualified Arborist

Tree surveys and tree assessment

Our tree survey and tree assessments comprise of a detailed report which is carried out by a qualified Arborist on a tree or an area of trees. These tree surveys are very detailed and give you information about the species, the average age, the heights and crown spread, the observations and recommendation of the tree or trees and it could also give the expected life of the tree.

Tree Surveys & Planning

Tree surveys are required if works are to take place close to an area of trees for either planning purposes or just for the wellbeing and safety of the trees. Some tree surveys can also give the amenity value of the tree/trees to the environment and area.

Tree Surveys and Tree Safety

If you are concerned about the general safety or condition of some trees on your land due to subsidence or other factors, then you may require a professional tree survey or assessment report to determine the nature of the subsidence.

How to arrange a tree survey?

Arranging a Tree Survey couldn't be easier; email Branching Out Tree care on with some general information about the section of trees and your review requirements and we can arrange a suitable time to carry out the survey.


Do you require a tree survey for planning, tree safety or insurance purposes?

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